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after reading all the page of this site i can find your contact mail. Can you give one or maybe help me making the icecream example working. I've tried all possible settings and tried launching the script a lot of time but impossible to have it completely trained or at least good results...


Do you run this script on windows? Please, try another php version and maybe on a Linux/UNIX system if possible. If you still have the same problem, send your phpinfo output via mail at info_at_thwien_de and your script running the ANN-Class. And also send an output of ANN_Network::printNetwork() after running the script the first run.

PHP 5.3.1 + MediaWiki

There was a bug in PHP 5.3.1 causing Wiki not to work properly while saving page edits. Sorry, if anyone wanted to edit some pages, but was rejected by an error message. Now PHP 5.3.5 is running. So, this bug is fixed. Please, feel free to continue editing this wiki pages.