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ANN - Artificial Neural Network for PHP 5.x

This project realizes a neural network topology called multilayer perceptron for PHP 5.x environments. The source code is based on a work by Eddy Young in 2002. Several changes on this implementation are done by Thomas Wien in 2007.

Version 1.0 by Eddy Young (2002)

  • Initial version

Version 2.0 by Thomas Wien (17.12.2007)

  • PHP 5.x support
  • PHPDoc documentation
  • Momentum support
  • Linear / binary output
  • ANN_InputValue + ANN_OutputValue classes
  • Exceptions
  • Threshold function
  • Tangens hyperbolicus transfer function
  • Several performance issues
  • Avoiding array_keys & srand
  • Changes in saving and loading network
  • Printing network details to browser
  • Fixing bug: initializing inputs to all hidden layers
  • Fixing bug: training for first hidden layer was skipped