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(Versions and Change-Log)
(Versions and Change-Log)
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* Initial version
* Initial version
'''Version 2.0 by Thomas Wien''' (17.12.2007) [[Download]]
'''Version 2.0.0 by Thomas Wien''' (17.12.2007) [[Download]]
* PHP 5.x support
* PHP 5.x support

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ANN - Artificial Neural Network for PHP 5.x

This project realizes a neural network topology called multilayer perceptron for PHP 5.x environments. The source code is based on a work by Eddy Young in 2002. Several improvements and changes on this implementation are done by Thomas Wien in 2007. You will find the PHP source in the section Download. Please, consider the Copyright.

Versions and Change-Log

Version 1.0 by Eddy Young (2002)

  • Initial version

Version 2.0.0 by Thomas Wien (17.12.2007) Download

  • PHP 5.x support
  • PHPDoc documentation
  • Momentum support
  • Linear / binary output
  • ANN_InputValue + ANN_OutputValue classes
  • Exceptions
  • Threshold function
  • Tangens hyperbolicus transfer function
  • Several performance issues
  • Avoiding array_keys() & srand()
  • Changes in saving and loading network
  • Printing network details to browser
  • Fixing bug: initializing inputs to all hidden layers
  • Fixing bug: training for first hidden layer was skipped


  • Separation of classes to several files
  • Graphical output of neural network values
  • Examples
  • Version control by Subversion
  • Wiki: More details to installation and use
  • PHPDoc: More details to documentation