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ANN - Artificial Neural Network for PHP 5.x

This chapter describes the steps to implement the ANN source code to your project.



The latest implementation requires a php environment running PHP 5.4.x or above. If using the client-server mechanism of the network class, the curl extension should be available on the client host which connects to an ANN server. If using class ANN_NetworkGraph GD library with png support should be installed.


  • Checking integrity
>md5sum ann230*
  • Unpack the source code
>tar -xzf ann230.tar.gz
  • Copy the directory ANN to your library directory of your project.
  • Including to your source
require_once 'ANN/Loader.php';
use ANN\Network;
$objNetwork = new Network;

or as phar library (supported as of PHP 5.3.0)

require_once 'phar://ann230.phar.gz';
use ANN\Network;
$objNetwork = new Network;
  • Learn to use the library. Have a look to chapter Examples.
  • For further information e.g. about dat-files have a view to the FAQ page.

Performance issues

  • Install Zend Optimizer (PHP version before 5.3.0)
  • Do not use any debugger module like xdebug
  • Do not use any profiling tool
  • Do not set "max_execution_time = 0" in your php.ini or .htaccess file
  • Running PHP on Linux console use "php -d max_execution_time=60 neural.php"
  • Run implicit ini_set() call to set "max_execution_time" by runtime
  • Use PHP 5.3.x
  • Use PHP 5.4.x (much faster than PHP 5.3.x)